Myopia (Near-sighted)

  • What is Myopia?
    • This means your eyes are too big, and things are blurry far away
    • We are seeing a massive increase in Myopia due to our ever changing work and school environments
    • We expect 50% of the population to myopic by 2050
  • Risks of Myopia:
    • The inability to see correlates with the inability to learn/focus in class
    • Uncorrected Myopia can affect life outside of learning (sports, music, self confidence)
    • The higher the prescription, the more likely to develop eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal detachment
  • Treatment and Therapy Options
    • Blurry Vision
      • The standard way to treat the vision aspect of Myopia is with glasses or contacts.
    • The disease of Myopia and slowing the growth of the eye (which increases the prescription)
      • We have therapies and treatment to slow the growth of the eye and slow the progression of a child’s prescription
        • Our Therapy program is comprehensive and all encompassing
        • We see the patient multiple times a year to check the growth of the eye and make sure they are seeing 20/20 year round.
        • This allows for maximum visual performance year round and lowers the risk of eye disease later in life
          • Orthokeratology
            • This is where a therapeutic contact lens is worn while sleeping and allows for 20/20 vision during the day without glasses or contacts
            • It is like retainers for your eyes
          • Eye Drops
            • We can use prescription eye drops to slow the growth of the eye
          • Therapeutic Soft Contact lenses
            • These are similar to traditional soft contact lenses, but specially designed to slow the progression of myopia.

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