Pediatric and Kids Exams

Dr. Lillie has received extensive training at the prestigious Illinois Eye Institute’s Pediatric and Binocular Vision Clinic in Chicago, and he believes that there is no greater frustration than knowing a child will not meet their full potential simply because a comprehensive eye examination was not performed.

Every child will be evaluated for the presence of a “lazy eye”, depth perception, focusing ability, and how well the eyes work together as a team.

Ask Dr. Lillie

At what age should my child start getting eye exams?

This is a popular question I get from parents, especially as the school year begins, and as a parent, I feel it is one of the most important questions I can answer. The truth is we do exams as early as 6 months old and recommend an exam with an eye doctor by 3 years old. I then recommend yearly once they start school.

As a parent and optometrist, I think it is important to realize:

  • 80% of learning is visual
  • School screenings are not comprehensive eye exams do not test for lazy eye, focusing ability, depth perception, or overall eye health.
  • After the age of 7 years old, visual and eye development is finished and more difficult to correct (The Critical Period).
  • Symptoms to watch for: Cannot pay attention in class, poor handwriting, head tilt, excessive blinking/squinting, difficulty reading or loses their place when reading, and headaches.

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